secret agent

Through my career, I heard many speakers use this phrase, and I always got a chuckle out of it. It was funny because it was cute, and sadly, kind of true. Whenever presented on stage, a group laugh would move through the audience. The laughter seemed genuine at first, but as the realization of the truth behind the statement hit home, the laughter would trickle off, leaving behind a trace of embarrassment and unease.

If you are a Real Estate Professional, you are advertising your business to the world. This means you WANT people to contact you. You publish your email address in the hopes that they will do just that.

You may think of yourself as an individual, but remember that business number you had to get when you got your license? Unless you are an employee of your Brokerage, being paid a salary, you are a commercial business. If you publish your email address on a website, advertisment or even your business card, you are implying consent for other RELATED commercial businesses to contact you.


In the recent Insurance notices from RECO, there is a paragraph regarding "Parking" or being  “non-active”.


The paragraph states, “There is no provision under the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act 2002 that permits a “parked” or “non-active” registration status. You must either be registered to trade in real estate – which involves renewing your registration every two years, fulfilling all education requirements and paying your yearly insurance renewal fee – or you may choose to terminate your registration.”

Urea-formaldehyde insulationWhat About UFFI?

In the Ontario standard Agreement of Purchase and Sale, there is a clause regarding urea formaldehyde insulation. The clause forces Sellers to warrant that they have never installed UFFI and to the best of their knowledge it is not in the property. In Ottawa, the Real Estate Board requires another paper that they Seller must sign warranting the same thing. Why? I believe that it’s time for a change to the OREA and CREA stance on the issue of urea formaldehyde insulation and the inclusion of the UFFI warranty clause within the agreement of Purchase and Sale in Ontario.

angeryI am SO done with you -  Ending Your Bad Real Estate Relationship

Relationships can go south. Lack of communication tends to be the reason whether it’s a marriage or Real Estate. What can you do when you are ready to divorce your Agent, but your contract has weeks or months to go? You have a legally, binding contract that generally has you tied up. The Agent is invested in selling your property with advertising expenses, business expenses, time and effort.